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Local political parties in The Netherlands are using social media, such as Twitter and YouTube during their campaigns for the upcoming local council elections, reports Some local politicians are however questioning whether or not they actually reach large groups of voters with these social networks. “I’ve noticed personally that Twitter is mainly used by politicians, media and companies and much less by private citizens”, states Patricia Wevelkate-Hertgers of the PvdA in Doesburg.

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Recently in an event called SMLatam, a study on Twitter in Mexico was made public. Prepared by Mente Digital, the study shows that in 2009 there were about 32 thousand accounts with only over 8k active. By 2010, this number has quadrupled to 146k with over 67k active.

This is quite an interesting growth and mainly driven by a movement during the last quarter of 2009 where people start tweeting against a government initiative that wanted to tax internet with 3%. Mexico has one of the most expensive internet services with the lowest quality so users were against the initiative as it could mean that Mexico would not be up to date in terms of information and communication.
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Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave (which granted, is quite tempting in this weather) you will have heard of Twitter and the massive hype that has come with it. When people mention Twitter, you are bombarded by all sorts of huge numbers and accomplishments. So is Twitter really that successful? The American research company RJMetrics has released some interesting facts & figures. For example, did you know that only about 17% of registered Twitter accounts sent a Tweet in December 2009?

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