Recently in an event called SMLatam, a study on Twitter in Mexico was made public. Prepared by Mente Digital, the study shows that in 2009 there were about 32 thousand accounts with only over 8k active. By 2010, this number has quadrupled to 146k with over 67k active.

This is quite an interesting growth and mainly driven by a movement during the last quarter of 2009 where people start tweeting against a government initiative that wanted to tax internet with 3%. Mexico has one of the most expensive internet services with the lowest quality so users were against the initiative as it could mean that Mexico would not be up to date in terms of information and communication.

People already using Twitter decided to tweet against the initiative using the hashtag #internetnecesario (internet necessary) as Internet is considered nowadays something necessary to our daily lives and not a luxury. Mass media in Mexico covered the story, but instead of commenting on the fatal consequences that the tax could have on Mexico, they chose to write about the Twitter movement. This caused a viral effect so more people got into Twitter to make the Senate aware of their feelings towards this new tax.

#internetnecesario became a trending topic in Mexico, and the senate agreed to meet with a group of tweeters in an open debate to discuss the tax. This debate was streamed through twitter and at the end, the senate decided not to go ahead with the Internet Taxation.

According to the study, Mexican tweeters are concentrated mainly in Mexico City and the top cities. 56% are male and 44% female, however women post more frequently than men.

If growth continues at the same rate than 2009-2010, it is expected that Twitter will reach 350,000 users.

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